Middle School Students

This will be an exciting time to get refreshed, build relationships, and encounter God in a new way. This year will include games, crews, sessions, and much more! Most importantly, students will have the opportunity to grow in their faith—no matter where they are currently at. Throughout the weekend, they will learn about what it means to be truly passionate about their walk with Christ.
If you have any questions in regard to the information on this page, do not hesitate to contact our youth staff at or call us 301-926-0967 x 1553.

Drop Off & Pick Up

- Drop Off:  March 29, 4:00-5:00 pm, Clarksburg Campus
- Pick Up:  March 31, 3:00 pm, Clarksburg Campus
Dinner will NOT be provided Friday Night. Please have your students eat before they come or pack them a bagged lunch for the bus ride up. Food is not allowed to be eaten in the Worship Center. Please arrive early. If students are late beyond a certain point, the shuttles will depart without them.

Get Directions

Campsite Info

Potomac Park Retreat and Conference Center
11 Tabernacle Way, Falling Waters, WV 25419
(855) 929 - 7722

We will allow students to reach out to parents once we have arrived; however, cell phone service is very limited. Check the Instagram account @elevateyouthdmv to stay updated!

Packing List

Each student is allowed to bring ONE piece of luggage (suitcase, duffle bag, etc.). Please have them pack their sleeping bag and pillow inside their large suitcase or duffle bag. All luggage will be spread out on the ground at the campsite—anything not covered may get dirty.

List of Items
Required List
  • Bible
  • Sleeping bag & pillow
  • Toiletries & towel
  • Warm jacket (please check the weather forecast to pack appropriately)
  • Snacks & water bottle
  • Clothing & sneakers you can get dirty
  • Personal medication
  • Small flashlight

Only appropriate clothes will be allowed on the trip. No profane, offensive, low cut/spaghetti straps shirts or low rise/tight pants can be worn. If the clothing worn do not follow these standards students will be asked to change.

Optional List
  • Cell Phone
  • Spending Money (There is a Café onsite to purchase snacks and Elevate Merch will be for sale; shirts $15 and crew necks $25)
Do Not Pack List
  • Immodest/ inappropriate clothing
  • Electronics such as tablets and hand-held video games
  • Alcohol, cigarettes, or illegal substances
  • Sharp or dangerous items (includes pocket knives & lasers)

Parents WILL be made aware of any inappropriate items.

Program & Activities

All of the students are broken down into “Crews” which consist of about six students and one adult leader. The students within a Crew will all be the same grade and gender. They will do several activities within the context of their Crew, however, they will have plenty of opportunities to hang out with everyone else during the retreat too. So if they are not in the same crew as their friend, don’t worry—they’ll have plenty of time to hang out.

The Crew Leader is an adult volunteer who has completed a background check, interviewed and been approved by the Elevate Youth staff to serve with our teenagers. They also serve in our youth ministry on a weekly basis, so your student will see their Crew Leader again if they come to Elevate after the Retreat. Their Crew Leader is already praying for them and is excited to meet them!

Elevate Games are designed to unite their Crew and Tribe, help them problem solve and coordinate together. Everyone will have unforgettable fun in the process. They can’t complete the tasks on their own; they must do it as a Crew. Elevate Games will last for about 3 hours. Have your students bring comfortable shoes and clothes!

Our Worship sessions will be very similar to an Elevate Gathering. Worship will be led by Liberty University and Messages will be shared by our Elevate Leaders. Your student will be provided with a notebook for sessions. After sessions, there will be a designated Crew time to get to know each other better and dig into the message!

Medical Assistance

We will have a designated professionally trained medic with us to assist with any needs that may arise. The Medics will be available at registration on Friday Night for you to connect with and exchange information. We are not allowed to administer any medication to the students so please make sure they have everything they need. Please note on the registration any allergies, as we will use this information to notify the campground for meal times.

Camp Rules

We are going to experience God and have an amazing amount of fun on this retreat! However, in order to ensure everyone has a good and safe time we have some rules. Please read through these rules with your student so that you both know the expectation going in. If a student is not cooperating, we will first give them a warning. If issues continue, we will call the parents and have them speak to the student. After that, if the student continues to be a disruption we will have to ask the parent to pick them up immediately.

  • Cell phones off unless directed otherwise
  • Respect and obey your Crew Leader and all Crew Leaders
  • No girls in guys cabins (vice versa)
  • Follow Camp Schedule and Instruction
  • Never go somewhere without asking your Crew Leader first
  • No talking or disturbing others during the Sessions
  • Show kindness and respect to other students
  • Be a team player and a participant of all events