Serve Day

Saturday July 13, 2019

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If you’re looking for a place to serve, this is a great opportunity to start. Churches around the nation are coming together to serve our communities and show the love of Christ in real and tangible ways. Let's show our community just how much we love them.

Rally Up!

Be part of the Serve Day Rally before you head out! We'll see you and your team on Saturday, July 13 at 8:30 am at the Frederick or Gaithersburg Campuses. Get directions to the:

Frederick CampusGaithersburg Campus

4 Easy Steps to Serve

Step 1

Download the Serve Day app

Step 2

Search for "Redeemer"

Step 3

Select or create your own project

Step 4

Sign up to serve!

Download the App & Sign Up

For a list of available serve projects, download the Serve App today & sign up! Download from the:

Apple APP STOREGoogle Play Store

Create A Project

Get creative! Assess people and their needs in your neighborhood and around your community. Check out our list of ideas and other options from local service organizations for ways to get involved!

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is Serve Day?

Serve Day is our annual summer Outreach, a day when we express our love for God and demonstrate our love for our neighbors. It is an amazing opportunity to bless and be blessed. Hundreds of people join in Project teams and go out into our communities to show the love of Jesus in real and tangible ways. Thousands across the country are also involved. We encourage everyone at Redeemer to be involved!

When is Serve Day?

Serve Day takes place on Saturday July 13, 2019. Come at 8:30 am for the Rally.

What is new with Serve Day this year?
  • This year it is super easy to create your own group using the Serve Day app. More on that below.
  • More choices of Project teams using the Serve Day app.
What is the Serve Day app?

This year we added all the Projects on the Serve Day App. You can see all the existing projects and you can easily create your own. Download the Serve App today & sign up! Download from the:

Apple App StoreGoogle Play Store

Tips for the Serve Day app?
  • Download the Serve Day app. It’s available for both Apple and Android.
  • Create an account.
  • Allow “auth01” to download the app.
  • Enable “notifications” so you can keep in touch.
  • Once the app is loaded, search for “Redeemer”. No need to add use "church" because most churches use the word "church". :)
  • Be sure to add your name, email, and cell number. We will use this information to communicate with you.
  • Create your own project.
  • See the map showing existing project or simply refer to the list.
I want to participate in Serve Day but I am not in a group. How do I find a group?

Download the Serve Day app and see a list of projects available. You can sign up right on the app.

What if I don't have a Serve Day opportunity selected and my group wants to serve?

Hopefully, you have selected something to do together but if you are in need of an idea, you can check out our list of ideas for ways to get involved. We will also have a list of adoptable opportunities to serve with some of our Ministry Partners. Email us at serve@church-redeemer. org if you have any questions.

How do I plan a Serve Day Project?

Get creative! Assess people and their needs in your neighborhood and around your community. Perhaps there is a widow, single mother, or elderly person that could be assisted by painting their house, cutting grass, or cleaning up the yard. Firefighters, police officers, school resource officers, nursing home residents, assisted living homes, and local business owners are all great people to reach out to and find a way to SERVE! Check out our list of ideas and other options from local service organizations for ways to get involved.

Should I communicate to the church which Serve Day Project our group is planning?

Yes! We definitely would like know about what your group is participating in. Register your group's Serve Day Project on the Serve Day App. It’s easy. All projects are reviewed within 24 hours or less.

Who pays the costs associated with our Group's Serve Day Project (supplies, travel expenses, etc.)?

Each Group is responsible for all of the supplies and costs associated with their serve project. Spend time determining the scope and plan work based on your group size and commitment level.

What should I bring on Serve Day?

Plan on bringing any personal items you may need like your Serve Day T-shirt, sunscreen, drinking water, tennis shoes, a hat, etc., along with any items pertaining to your serve project such as rakes, gloves, lawnmowers, tarps, work tools, etc. For Serve  Day opportunities requiring physical labor, work clothes are a good idea. We recommend not wearing any jewelry. Also, check with your leader for what you may need.

Will the church be communicating additional details about Serve Day?

Emails will be sent to all Project leaders and general information will be communicated here on this site. More info may be presented during Sunday services prior to Serve Day.

What if it rains?

If you have an outside Serve Day Project, make plans to have an inclement weather option in mind. Some suggestions are to visit a nursing home, serve at a local service organization or clean classrooms at a local school.

Will there be Serve Day Projects available for those NOT in a Group?

Yes. there will be numerous opportunities listed on the Serve Day App that have room for others to help out on Serve Day. Many of the Groups are open for you to join them on their Serve Day Project. These opportunities will be posted on the Serve Day Projects page. Find one that interests you and sign up on the Serve Day App.

Who can I contact with questions or concerns?

Email us at .