25 affirmations to release
your full potential

Your words matter!

Positive changes happen in us when we know, believe, confess and obey God’s Word. When we agree with what God says about us, our minds are renewed, and our choices and habits improve. In this new book from Pastor Dale O'Shields, you will find 25 biblically-based affirmations that will help you think right about God, yourself, others and the world.
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“Unleashed” is profoundly motivating and life-changing. As I have begun to declare out loud these Biblical truths Pastor Dale has outlined - I have found my overall attitude has already improved - including my confidence, hope, joy, peace, patience and prayers, to name a few! I cannot more highly recommend that you not just read this book, but you apply it to your daily life. If you do, you will be eternally changed, and forever grateful!

Wendy L.


Pastor Dale O'Shields knows how to connect God's Word with the real world challenges we battle every day. In this excellent resource, he equips us to win these battles with vital declarations of faith solidly grounded in biblical truth. Get ready to be strengthened and encouraged as you agree with God and His power is unleashed in your life!

Steve H.

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Agreeing With God

To experience freedom from God's truth, we must agree with His truth. To agree with God's truth we must discover it, believe it, speak it, and follow it. Learn more about the power of your words from Pastor Dale's second message “Agreeing With God” from the Rudders and Routes series.

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