Bible Studies

Bible Studies

God's Word is vital to our health and growth as believers in Jesus. That's why it's so important for us to study Scripture, understand it's truth and seek to live it out in our daily lives! Bible studies at Redeemer will encourage you to dig in and discover the wonderful promises and principles God has given to you in His Word.

Past Studies

Spring Forward: Getting a Fresh Start with God

God is always calling us to move forward into new opportunities He has in store. This study in the Book of Joshua will encourage you to take hold of this challenge and make a fresh start toward new growth in your life.

Lesson Guides

God's Way to Greatness

God wants you to be great, but His pathway there may not be what you think. Find out how Jesus taught us to pursue greatness and the amazing difference this can make in your life.


Staying on Track toward God's Best
Guardrails are important on the highway. They warn us and keep us from veering off into danger. In the same way, Jesus warns us in His Word about dangerous twists and turns in our journey with Him. Learn how these guardrails can help you stay on track in your relationship with God and His best for your life.


Tarnished or broken furniture can be restored with the right care and skills. It’s even better when God restores the broken and bruised places in our lives. Learn how He wants to restore your hope and health as you allow Him to work.

The Kingdom Key of Humility

Humility is a key to God’s best in our lives! Learn from Jesus’ example and teaching how you can overcome pride and walk daily in humility toward God and others.

What Matters Most

Choosing the right priorities begins with an understandingof what really matters in life. In this study you'll learn from Jesus teachings what matters most so you can focus your heart and mind on these priorities.

Getting Ready To Grow

Spiritual growth only happens as we turn from our ways to God’s ways and give ourselves completely to Him. Get ready to grow as we learn to surrender more fully to the Lord and find our hope and joy in Him alone.

Good Soil for Good Seed

Cultivating a Heart for God's Word
God wants to sow good seed in your heart and life—and make you fruitful for His kingdom! Learn how to cultivate the soil of your heart to be receptive and responsive to His Word in this practical study of Jesus' teaching.

Something New For You

Jesus wants to work miracles in your life—no matter where you are or where you have been. Encounter Him in a fresh way through this study in Mark’s Gospel and get ready for something new!

Awakened to Worship

Let your heart be awakened, renewed and refreshed to worship God as never before in this encouraging and practical Bible study!